is a partner of some of the most renowned cuckoo clock makers in the Black Forest, Germany. All of our clocks are 100% Original Black Forest German Cuckoo Clocks. The mechanical German cuckoo clocks have the VDS Certificate of Originality. You can be assured is Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock dealer in INDIA. Enjoy our large variety of authentic cuckoo clocks with detailed pictures, comprehensive product descriptions and videos about Cuckoo Clocks. is online portal of KISMET WATCH COMPANY. Established in 1952 KISMET WATCH COMPANY is a pioneer in sales and service of ORIGINAL BLACK FOREST GERMAN CUCKOO CLOCKS. KISMET WATCH COMPANY is the only authorised Cuckoo Clock Service Centre in Bangalore, INDIA and has partnered with many leading Cuckoo Clock Manufacturers in Germany. All of our clocks are 100% Authentic German Cuckoo Clocks with VDS Certificate of Originality.


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